A Run 8 Train Simulator Community

Community Rules

Rules Of Conduct

Train Operations

  • Ask if there is a dispatcher before moving or spawning a train. If a Dispatcher is on duty, always ask for permission before moving or spawning a train.
  • Do not spawn a train in front of another player's train.
  • Obey all speed limits. See the Route Maps for locations.
  • Obey all signal indications
  • Do not leave mainline handthrow switches open.
  • Obey "one-way" or "directional" running rules.
  • Do not change the Hump Controller Track Tags.
  • Dispatchers are not allowed to operate a train at the same time.

Two-Strike Policy

The Depot operates on a 2-Strike Policy. Any violation of a rule may result in a strike on your account.
1st Strike = Warning
2nd Strike = Indefinite Ban

Our Two-Strike Policy does not mean you will be removed forever if you make an innocent mistake twice. If you violate our rules inexcusably you may be warned that the next infraction will result in your removal from the community. However, deliberate interference with other players, or any behavior thought to detract from the philosophy and purpose of The Depot, may result in revocation of membership without a warning.

The Depot has a zero tolerance policy for piracy and EULA violators. Users who support and/or found to have pirated Run 8 software, ask other members to send them Run 8 software, offer Run 8 software to other members, or any other action that supports and/or violates the EULA such as, but not limited to, the distribution of modified files and reskins will be immediately removed.

Train Spawning

  • The only trains you're allowed to spawn on The Depot Servers are trains that would exist in the real world on the relevant routes.
  • No more than 6 motors on the head-end.
  • 1 Caboose per train.
  • Amtrak trains must be run with Amtrak Power. Only 1 Amtrak per direction per subdivision on the Mojave Server.


The Depot requires the following for any member who clocks in as Dispatcher on any Depot+ Server:
  • You must be logged into Teamspeak and logged into the server's Road Channel.
  • You must use Teamspeak as your primary form of communication when possible with other users.

Speed Limits (Used By The Depot)

Train Type or Signal Indication Maximum Authorized Speed (unless Restricted)
Amtrak Selkirk - 110
Needles, Seligman - 90
Elsewhere - 79
Intermodal, Autorack, Modern Reefer or Piggyback 70
All Other Freight 55
Hyrails 45
Limited Speed (CSX) 45
Medium Speed (CSX) 30
Slow Speed (CSX) 15
Restricted Speed & within yard limits 20


Southern California Server Subdivision Restrictions

Subdivision Maximum Train Length Minimum HP/T Amtrak Trains
Mojave 8,000' 2.3 #11, #14
Needles 12,000' 1.7 #3, #4
Seligman 12,000' 2.0 #3, #4
Cajon BNSF - 12,000'
UP - 8,000'
2.0 #3, #4


A-Line Server Subdivision Restrictions

Subdivision Maximum Train Length Minimum HP/T Amtrak Trains
Jesup 10,000' 0.6 #1, #2, #52, #52, #91, #92, #97, #98
Sanford 10,000' 0.6
Nahunta 11,000' 0.6
Fitzgerald 11,000' 0.6
Thomasville 11,000' 0.6


Mohawk Server Subdivision Restrictions

Subdivision Maximum Train Length Minimum HP/T Amtrak Trains
Mohawk / Selkirk 11,000' 0.6 #281, #283, #284, #288, #63, #64, #48, #49