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The following is post made by Brad Of Run 8 Studios to our Facebook group on whats been happening behind the scenes at Run 8. 


Just want to offer the community an update as to what John, Nigel, and myself are up to in regards to Run 8.

First of all, we thank all of you for your support and great feedback. It is very much appreciated by us and our team so please keep the feedback coming. We do monitor most of the forums out there too.

Okay so it has been a difficult year for some of us. Nigel and his family had to make a major house move this last year and they are just now finally getting settled into a new place.

Me, well I had a major heart attack in August 2016 a few months before we released v2. Actually it was my second heart attack in two years. Since then my doctors found a major artery that was 96% blocked and installed a 3 cm stent to unblock it which has helped me feel way mobetta these days. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of damage done to my heart over the years leading up to the attacks which therefore is taking some time to heal. So I have been on a low stress diet and taking care of myself. I feel great now.

John has been busy working on many fronts. San Bernardino aka LA is almost there. Probably looking at a late March release. He is also working on v3. We will be introducing rain, snow and other cool environment stuff. We think that we will also have scheduled AI and some other cool stuff such as turntables, transfer tables, and working draw bridges. We hope to have it ready by the end of 2018, we'll see.

Three new regions are under development a long with six new routes. Some small, some large. Yes we have brought on more third party developers. However, due to our competitors watching everything we do we will be keeping our cards close to our vest in regards to the details of those projects and their release dates, prices, etc. but will release more information as we get closer to releasing them.

Yes, more trainsets are coming after the first of the year. Alcos, GE Dash9s, and a yard switcher... maybe a MP15 or SW1200.

Thank you again for all of your support and feedback and we wish everyone a safe holiday season.