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Run 8 V2 Update

Run 8 Studios today Update 03 for Run 8 Train Simulator V2.

The update is available for download at: http://www.run8studios.com/updates_dlc.shtml

The 10.03 update brings the following changes/fixes:

● AI Trains: More filters added, please see the User Guide "InteractingWithAITrainCrews" PDF for more details
● Industry Config bug-fix
● Two switch-stand targets added to the repertoire
● Car Spawner code tweaked a bit to better accommodate multi-lane directional road sections
● CSX Signaling Code adjusted to accommodate the Short-Block condition that exists on the A-Line between Callahan and S. Callahan (NB and SB, both mains)
● When a Stop condition exists at the end of the short-block, the preceding control point will show either Approach (not crossing over) or Medium Approach (crossing over), and their Distant Signals will show Approach
● Fixed a typo in the code that was causing the wrong baggage-car to show when using Amtrak Phase IV and IV-B
● Adjusted Amtrak train-spawning function for the Florida routes to moBetta reflect the consists used there (for A-Line and Waycross routes)
● Fixed an error with WB AI signal behavior at the Needles-Seligman merge-point
● Train Roll volume-slider added in the F1 Options Menu, which adjusts the volume of the “rolling” sound when inside the cab. Only affects internal cab sound
● Avatar Attach-Points added for Amtrak Superliner steps and end-doors
● Fixed cosmetic issue with DS Switch Icons being stuck “gray” when joining a session as a Client
● Fixed a bug with the Train-Tagger regarding deleting Override Train Speed
● Fixed an audio bug that would cause the Train-Brake Release sound to not always play properly
● Fixed a bug that caused TMU reported stats not to match the actual train
● Fixed a condition that could cause an infinite-loop (program hang-up) when atrain is on a looped piece of track (ie, Victorville)
● Fixed a condition that could cause a “physics explosion” when coupling onto humped-cars on a bowl track under just the right circumstances