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A-Line V2 Update

HyRail Simulations has released an update for the CSX A-Line today. This update is for Run 8 V2 and resolves many of the issues found since the initial V2 release.

The update is available for down at HyrailSimulations.net under the V2 Installation Instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you made changes to your local industry config, AI Generator trains or hump config you'll want to back up the following files in the HRS_Southeast region folder before installing:

[Signals] SAS Seminole Connection Main 1 Signal shows clear with a train in Next Block
[Signals] Crossing Near Yukon Activates Late
[Signals] North End Moncrief signal issue
[Signals] SB Signal At Kingsland will not show lunar when routed onto the Wye 
[Signals] NAS South Taft Displays Red going into West Yard Should Display Lunar

[Scenery] Palm tree on tracks
[Scenery] Trees blocking track and Signals
[Track] Switch at FCEN Not working
[AI] AI Amtrak & Autotrain
[AI] No AI Passenger Stop at Palatka