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The Depot News

Public Mohawk Closure

On February 1st, 2016, we are closing the Public Mohawk server to concentrate our efforts on the Depot+ servers. We are going to keep the Public Mojave Server and for now the Public A-line Server open for other operations and to provide a place for new users to learn.

To be sure everyone has an opportunity to experience the Mohawk and Selkirk routes we plan to host sessions on Mohawk that will be open to all Depot members in the future.

Mojave Map Update

The Mojave Map was updated tonight to add track lengths in the North Bakersfield expansion area.

Map Updates

Updated two maps with some corrections.
- Added missing WB signals at CP-FG and CP-SH (pg 1)
- Fixed Direction of CP-SE signal (pg3)
- Corrected CP225 to CP215 (pg 4)
- Added Finger Lakes Railway Yard (pg 1)

New Years Eve Timelapse

Here's a timelapse of our New Years Eve Mojave/Cajon Session.  Almost 7 hours condensed down to 4 mins. Vantage point is overlooking Barstow Yard.

This session maxed out at 31 trains running at the same time over Mojave and Cajon.  A fantastic way to end the year. Thank's to all who joined in. 

Mohawk, Mojave & Needles Map Updates

Trio of map updates today. Mostly Mohawk with some changes to Mojave and Needles.
Mojave now contains Barstow Yard to Daggett where the Mojave/Needles merge occurs at MP 732.2. Yermo Yard is also part of Mojave now.
Needles was updated to remove the track before that point and Yermo Yard.


  • Added track lengths to route map
  • Fixed Track configuration error at West end of Dewitt yard
  • Fixed Track configuration error at East end of Dewitt yard
  • Added Missing CP283 at Dewitt Yard
  • Fixed MA&N Runaround track location
  • Moved Little Falls spur from East end of siding to West end
  • Added Herkimer IT label at CP225
  • Added missing spur at Utica Yard near CP235
  • Moved (CEL) Cellet Plastics to correct location at St. Johnsville
  • Renumbered Fonda Yard Tracks



  • Added in Barstow Yard map.
  • Extended map coverage to MP 732.2, just West of Daggett, where the Mojave/Needles route merge.
  • Added Yermo Yard



  • Removed map portion that was east of MP 732.2 where the Mojave/Needles route merge.
  • Removed Yermo Yard map