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We're Hauling Freight

We're only 4 months into 2016 but our Depot+ crews have been busy hauling freight... a lot of it!

Since January 1, Depot+ crews have clocked-in over 7,600 hours and crewed over 2,400 trains. Our locals have delivered over 8,100 cars and picked up over 6,800 cars at industries on our Mojave, A-Line and Mohawk Depot+ servers.

Fantastic job by all our Depot+ members!

Mohawk Map Update

Posted an update to the Mohawk map this afternoon. Changes include:

  • Added missing crossover at NYSW Yard
  • Corrected signals at QC 186.0 & QC186.11
  • Added several road crossings throughout route
  • Updated Utica Yard layout
  • Added track numbers to NYSW Yard
  • And maybe some other small fixes I forgot about

The Depot presents March Madness

To celebrate our 6th month anniversary, The Depot presents our own style of "March Madness", a trio of sessions on Mojave, Mohawk and A-Line for Depot Members only.

For more information, click here.