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The Depot News

Mohawk Map Update

Posted an update to the Mohawk map this afternoon. Changes include:

  • Added missing crossover at NYSW Yard
  • Corrected signals at QC 186.0 & QC186.11
  • Added several road crossings throughout route
  • Updated Utica Yard layout
  • Added track numbers to NYSW Yard
  • And maybe some other small fixes I forgot about

The Depot presents March Madness

To celebrate our 6th month anniversary, The Depot presents our own style of "March Madness", a trio of sessions on Mojave, Mohawk and A-Line for Depot Members only.

For more information, click here.

Public Mohawk Closure

On February 1st, 2016, we are closing the Public Mohawk server to concentrate our efforts on the Depot+ servers. We are going to keep the Public Mojave Server and for now the Public A-line Server open for other operations and to provide a place for new users to learn.

To be sure everyone has an opportunity to experience the Mohawk and Selkirk routes we plan to host sessions on Mohawk that will be open to all Depot members in the future.

Mojave Map Update

The Mojave Map was updated tonight to add track lengths in the North Bakersfield expansion area.