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Amfleet Pack 1 Released

Run 8 Studios today released Amtrak Amfleet II cars for Run 8 Train Simulator.  The pack includes 2 models of Amfleet II cars, a coach and lounge car, in phase III, IV and IVb liveries.

The pack costs $15 and is available for purchase at Run8studios.com

View our full Photo Gallery of the Amfleet cars here

The Amfleet cars have been installed on the Public and Depot+ servers. If you don't plan to buy them right away or at all, you will need to download and install the latest Default Equipment Pack, available via the link the below, to connect back to the servers.


Amfleet Teasers

Today we get our first look at the upcoming Amtrak Amfleet add-on cars for Run 8 Train Simulator.


No release date or price has been given but the Amfleet pack will be released for Run 8 version 1 in the near future.

Run 8 v2 Teasers

Here are some recent Run 8 Version 2 teaser photos Run 8 Studios posted to some Run 8 Facebook Groups.




Wellcars Pack 1 Released

Run 8 Studios today released a new set of Add-On freight cars, Smooth  Side Wellcars Pack 1. The pack features 8 different loads in 3 car models, including:

4 TTX with Swift and UPS single and double stack container versions.
4 FEC with Interstate, Market Transport, Estes, and R+L Carrier tractor trailers

Each wellcar can also be loaded or unloaded.

The pack is available is at Run8Studios.com for $10.

View our Photo Gallery of the new pack.


If you do not purchase the new pack, you will need to download and install the updated Default Equipment Pack in order to connect to any server using them. 

BNSF SD70 ACe WIP Teaser

Here's a Work-in-Progress teaser photo of BNSF's SD70 ACe units.  It was posted on our Facebook page today by Run 8 Studios.