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2-Bay Hoppers Pack 2 Released

Run 8 Studios today released a new set of Add-On freight cars, 2-Bay Covered Hoppers Pack 2. The pack features 8 different liveries in 3 car models.

ACF2700 - Canadian National (D&TS)
ACF2970 - Chicago & Northwestern (CNW)
ACF2970 - Norfolk & Western (NW)
ACF2970 - Winchester & Western Railroad (WW)
Trinity 3281 - GATX (GACX)
Trinity 3281 - MBKX
Trinity 3281 - MCEX

The pack is available is at Run8Studios.com for $10.

View our Photo Gallery of the new pack.

If you do not purchase the new pack, you will need to download and install the updated Default Equipment Pack in order to connect to any server using them. 

Run 8 News

Run 8 Studios released some new screenshots from Run 8 Train Simulator Version 2 yesterday along with some news of a release pushback and more v1 content.  The current expected release for v2 is now in fall, around September or October 2016.  In the meantime though looks like we'll be getting some new DLC for v1; Amtrak Amfleet and viewliner cars and smooth sided wellcars.

Also, keep in mind the below screenshots are 'Work-in-Progress' shots and may not fully represent the final product.

 April 8th, 2016
As you know. you the customer is the most important thing to us and because of that we are putting a lot of cool things that you have requested over the last few years into version 2 of Run8. However it is taking us much longer than we anticipated so we have decided to move the release date out to September or October 2016. This will give the guys much needed breathing room which will help us get things right. In the mean time we are going to release some more DLC for version 1 (which will work in v2) including some Amfleet cars, smooth sided wellcars (old style and new). and some viewliner cars. And again as always we thank you for your support and patience.

SD70ACe Exterior

 SD70ACe Interior

v2 User Menu for scheduling AI 
v2 AI Scheduling

Reflective wheels and air hoses in v2
v2 Wheels and Hoses


PHOTO SOURCE: http://run8studios.com/press.shtml

We're Hauling Freight

We're only 4 months into 2016 but our Depot+ crews have been busy hauling freight... a lot of it!

Since January 1, Depot+ crews have clocked-in over 7,600 hours and crewed over 2,400 trains. Our locals have delivered over 8,100 cars and picked up over 6,800 cars at industries on our Mojave, A-Line and Mohawk Depot+ servers.

Fantastic job by all our Depot+ members!