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Run 8 v2 Teasers

Here are some recent Run 8 Version 2 teaser photos Run 8 Studios posted to some Run 8 Facebook Groups.




Wellcars Pack 1 Released

Run 8 Studios today released a new set of Add-On freight cars, Smooth  Side Wellcars Pack 1. The pack features 8 different loads in 3 car models, including:

4 TTX with Swift and UPS single and double stack container versions.
4 FEC with Interstate, Market Transport, Estes, and R+L Carrier tractor trailers

Each wellcar can also be loaded or unloaded.

The pack is available is at Run8Studios.com for $10.

View our Photo Gallery of the new pack.


If you do not purchase the new pack, you will need to download and install the updated Default Equipment Pack in order to connect to any server using them. 

BNSF SD70 ACe WIP Teaser

Here's a Work-in-Progress teaser photo of BNSF's SD70 ACe units.  It was posted on our Facebook page today by Run 8 Studios.


New Community Liasons

The Depot is proud to announce three Depot members who we've all relied upon for help for so long have agreed to join Chris T and become Community Liaisons. Please help us welcome Dick, Paul (Gibbs) and Mark (MJV) to their new roles.

Community Liasons (or just CL for short) are trusted users that are familiar with Run 8, Depot Operations, real world train operations and share in our vision of a fun and enjoyable server environment. If you ever have a question or need to report an issue while staff are not around, feel to contact a CL. They're here to help! CLs in Teamspeak are designated with a stormtrooper icon. :)

CLs have 24/7 access to Depot staff and systems enabling them to help keep all of our systems up and running. As Run 8 continues to grow with Version 2 and future routes, we will be better prepared to transition and grow our community with it with our expanded group of CL's.