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Run 8 V2 Released

Today Run 8 Studios has released Run 8 Train Simulator Version 2 for $50.  

Visit http://www.run8studios.com/run82.shtml to purchase.

Version 2 brings to numerous changes to Run 8 Train Simulator. Here's a list of some of them in no particular order:

  • New 64-bit support system. The 2GB memory limit is a thing of the past
  • Abililty to import your existing Run 8 V1 routes and convert your v1 add-on car/loco packs. (See User Guides)
  • AI Train System. AI trains follow track speed and signal indications. AI Freight trains crew change at designated locations while AI passenger trains stop at station stops.
  • SD70ACE units included in BNSF, UP, CSX and Run 8 liveries
  • SD45-2 and SD40T-2 in Run 8 livery
  • Palmdale Cutoff Extension has been added to the Mojave Sub
  • Needles Subdivision now included
  • Multiple Avatars now available. Conductors are available to appear when you crew a train as well.
  • Weather effects (Clouds, fog, haze) have been added.
  • Updated Dispatch Boards that show train information tags, open switches and fleeting of signals.
  • Fully Featured Industry Configuration System
  • New Consist Editor and AI permissions for hosts.
  • Routes are based on Regions now so all routes in a region will automatically load up together when you enter the sim world.
  • Updated Hump controller options, such as having multiple sets of hump tag lists.
  • Horns and Bells can be changed via menu screen
  • Built-in Train Tagger
  • Ability to teleport to the Block Indicator icons (and not just switch icons now)
  • and lots more....

V2 Screenshots

Some new V2 screenshots that came out last night.


Crew Change at West Colton


A Southern Pacific SD40T-2


Southern Pacific ES44


Union Pacific ES44 at South Mojave

Things are looking good as we get close to V2's release.

V2 Release Update

Looks like we're getting close to a release of Run 8 Train Simulator Version 2, possibly in about 1-2 weeks based on a recent update from Run 8 Studios' Brad Brown to some Community Facebook Groups.

Hey guys locking down the program and the different databases has caused some delays. Also John is going to be making his way back to the states soon so we have decided to wait till he gets back and settled in here before we release v2. So it's probably going to be another week or two. Hang in there it's going to be very much worth the wait I assure you.

 Thanks to Run 8 for the update and we're looking forward to that release whenever it's ready.



BNSF Seligman Sub

Today we get our first look at the BNSF Seligman Sub for Run 8 Train Simulator Version 2, along with a quick teaser video.


The Work-In-Progress photo locations include Kingman, AZ at the I-40 overpass, Kingman Industrial Park, Crozier Canyon and The Lhoist North America Plant at Nelson.






The BNSF Seligman Sub will cover the western 150 miles of the route, from Needles, CA to Seligman, AZ. It is slated for release sometime after Run 8 Version 2 comes out.

V2 Teasers (UPDATED 09/28)

Here's a look at several new teaser photos of Run 8 Train Simulator v2 recently shared by Run 8 Studios. 

***Please note these are all Work-In-Progress photos and may not represent the final product***

UPDATE 9/28/16:

Some new screenshots from the Mojave and Cajon subs.






UPDATE 9/25/16:

Some new A-line screenshots from Hyrail Simulations.


UPDATE 9/23/16:

A 3-way meet at Kern Jct.

A BNSF mixed freight emerges from Tunnel 5 in a cloud of exhaust.

UPDATE 9/22/16:

New photo this morning from the Selkirk developer.

An Eastbound Multi-level train passes the local at Texas Eastern part of the Selkirk terminal upgrade for V2

UPDATE 9/21/16:

Some images that made the rounds the other day showing off Barstow Yard and the West Colton area at night.





UPDATE 9/19/16:

New video from Run 8 V2 showing an AI Crew Change and station stop at Needles while a user works the yard.


NS SD70ACe units on the A-Line



UPDATE 9/16/16:

UP 8658 rolls through Palmdale

Crewchange at Needles

BNSF Intermodal at Crozier Canyon

Run 8 Western and BNSF meet at Barstow Yard

Some of the new track textures in the V2. Concrete ties on the main, some wood ties on the siding and some dirtier, older wood ties in a plant yard

A railfan catches a meet at BNSF Jct. on the Mojave Sub



UPDATE 9/15/16:

Some more recent shots that have been released of the SD40-2T locomotives, the A-Line and the Selkirk expansion.

CSX A-Line:


SD40-2T at Yermo:


A Northbound Empire Service train trundles over the LAB Bridge just north of the Albany Rensselaer station bound for Schenectady and the Mohawk Sub.


A westbound intermodal train glides over the Alfred H. Smith Memorial Bridge high above the Hudson river and Hudson Line.


Empire service trains lay over at the Alb-Ren station as city of Albany looms in the background.