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Happy New Year

We'd like to thank everyone that came out for today's Depot Member session. We had 32 Player trains with about 20 AI trains at one point, making for an excellent jam-packed Southern California session.

Pre-Session Group Photo @ Bakersfield Amtrak Depot.

From all of us at The Depot we hope you have a safe and Happy New Year.

The Depot Presents ...

The Depot is Proud to announce this year's "New Year Spectacular" Session and group photo for Depot Members.

Right before our spectacular begins we'll take a group photo with all attendees! Then, help us celebrate 2017 with a West Coast session featuring all 3 routes and lots of last minute holiday traffic!

Join us at The Depot on December 30th at Noon EST / 9 PST.  Bid board to be posted soon.

Let's make this the biggest Bash in Run8 History!

A-Line V2 Update

HyRail Simulations has released an update for the CSX A-Line today. This update is for Run 8 V2 and resolves many of the issues found since the initial V2 release.

The update is available for down at HyrailSimulations.net under the V2 Installation Instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you made changes to your local industry config, AI Generator trains or hump config you'll want to back up the following files in the HRS_Southeast region folder before installing:

[Signals] SAS Seminole Connection Main 1 Signal shows clear with a train in Next Block
[Signals] Crossing Near Yukon Activates Late
[Signals] North End Moncrief signal issue
[Signals] SB Signal At Kingsland will not show lunar when routed onto the Wye 
[Signals] NAS South Taft Displays Red going into West Yard Should Display Lunar

[Scenery] Palm tree on tracks
[Scenery] Trees blocking track and Signals
[Track] Switch at FCEN Not working
[AI] AI Amtrak & Autotrain
[AI] No AI Passenger Stop at Palatka