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The Depot News

Needles Map 6.18 Update

Updated the map this afternoon with the following:

  • Added track lengths throughout the whole route, including Needles and Yermo Yard
  • Rearranged page 5 layout for better display
  • Corrected speed board 591.4 Milepost #
  • Added milepost and type to detector at 603.5

Needles Map 6.15 Update

Updated the map this morning with some corrections and additions. http://www.run8depot.com/maps/needles/

  • All speed boards on the map reflect all speed restrictions on the Run 8 Needles Timetable.
  • Added MP # to all speedboards
  • Added MP # and type to all Track Detectors
  • Added Spur Length at West Daggert
  • Added Spur Length East of Daggert
  • Added missing signal at Minneloa (correct in yesterday's 'b' rev)
  • Added track lengths at Newbury
  • Added 'non-ctc' indicator on Newbury Signals
  • Corrected Signal 701.4to 708.4
  • Added West Pisgah siding track length
  • Added missing detector at 702.7
  • Corrected Ludlow MP #
  • Added Ash Hill track lengths
  • Added 'Crystal Salt Company' industry name at Saltus
  • Added MP # to Homer
  • Added missing detector at 603.5
  • Removed signal MP bo

06.11.2013 Upgrade

Run 8 Studios released a new update today for the Mojave Sub. Grab it below! Download Update (19.9 MB)

  • Minor change to signalling code to correct wrong aspect being displayed if a single-aspect signal precedes a diverging route (a rare condition).
  • More vehicles have been added to the car-spewers.
  • Mojave Sub car-spewer database has been fixed.