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The Depot News

Mojave 05.10.2013 Upgrade

Run 8 Studios released an upgrade for the Mojave Route, ver 05.10.2013. Download Update (9.4 MB)

  • Adjusted Dynamic brake smoothing value to prevent display fluctuations.
  • Added more data to the Train Data MFD screen including:
    1. Tons per Operative Brake (TOB)
    2. Train Symbolccc
    3. Total Loads
    4. Total Empties (MTY's)
  • Random air-leakage rate added to main reservoir system.
  • Motion on Enemy Trains should now be normal as though you were riding on your own train.
  • Fixed a timing mismatch between XNA frame time and real-life time due to slightly different CPU clock-speeds between computers. What does this mean for you? Just smile and nod.
  • Routelist.xml file no longer needed and no longer used.

New Session Manager

A new session manager went online today for adding and managing your sessions. After creating an account it allows you to add, edit and delete Multiplayer sessions. Sessions are still automatically removed 12 hours after they start. Session listings also now contain a link to a forum thread for discussions, which automatically deleted 2 weeks after they are started just to clear out old sessions.

Amtrak Set Released

Run 8 Studios has released the much anticipated Amtrak Southwest Chief add-on for Run 8. r8_amtrak01_announce1The add-on sells for $20 and includes:

P42s, Heritage Baggage Cars and Superliner Transition Sleepers, Sleepers, Coach Baggage, Coach, Diners, and Lounge Cars in phase III, IV, and V liveries. Also Material Handling cars in phase III and IV liveries.
Click Here To Purchase!   Not ready to purchase? Pickup the free default add-on in the meantime.