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The Depot News

Maps Updated

Needles, Mojave, and Barstow Yard were all updated today. The big change on Mojave and Needles is that Barstow Yard has been removed. The single page map has been moved to the Barstow Yard Map.

Mojave Map Update

The Mojave Sub map has been updated today. Download the map here. - General clean up of the route was done - Added control point information - Added some milepost information to BNSF signals missing it for reference - Updated the mini Bartsow yard using the new one from Needles map. Had to squish in the Amtrak at the end there :)

Needles Map Update

The Needles Sub map has been updated today. Download the map here. - The biggest change is a condensing of the entire route. The main sub has gone from 9 pages down to 6 pages. - Hinkley to Barstow Yard has been removed since that's in the Mojave Sub map. - NEBO yard tracks have been removed from the main sub map. A detailed page will be added soon. - Grade information has been added along route. - Detectors are now colored red. - Overall clean up of the route was done to try and tidy it up some.

Barstow Yard Map

To avoid further duplication in future maps, the detailed Barstow Yard map has been removed from the two sub maps and made into it's own map. A 3-page PDF version and a single, full-size JPG are available for download. needlessub   The sub maps have been updated today with the removal of the detailed map.

57' Mechanical Reefer Released

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Run 8's release, Run 8 Studios has released some new 57' Mechanical Reefer cars as a free gift to the community.

Wow! It has already been one year since we released Run8 Train Simulator! My oh my how time flys when you are having fun! And we couldn't have done it without you! So in honor of that, and to show our appreciation we want to give you a little something to enhance your Run8 experience, some beautiful 57ft mechanical refrigerator cars, which we are sure you will find some good uses to put them too in your single or multi-player sessions! Enjoy everyone, and thank you again for a great year! - from the Run8 Team.