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The Depot News

06.11.2013 Upgrade

Run 8 Studios released a new update today for the Mojave Sub. Grab it below! Download Update (19.9 MB)

  • Minor change to signalling code to correct wrong aspect being displayed if a single-aspect signal precedes a diverging route (a rare condition).
  • More vehicles have been added to the car-spewers.
  • Mojave Sub car-spewer database has been fixed.

Needles Map Update

The Needles Sub map has been updated with some corrections. Download the map here. Changes: - Changed EB Signals at end of Barstow to dual head - Added missing WB signal near MP 750 - Relocated 732.9 Detector to correct location - Changed Signals 732.1 and 732.3 to Single Head - Changed Hector MP to 712.8 - Changed Detector 692.8 to 691.8 to match ID callout - Changed WB speed sign at 685.1 to P-70 F-65 - Added G-Plate to 683.1 Signal - Change Detector 672.1 to 672.5 to match ID callout - Removed G-Plates from signals 669.1 and 669.3 - Added WB missing signals at West Amboy - Changed signals at 657.2 and 657.4 to single head - Changed signal 642.3 to single head - Changed signal 634.2 to single head - Added missing EB signals 630.2 and 630.4 - Added G-Plate to signal 603.1 - Changed signal 603.3 to single head - Changed signal 597.2 to double head - Changes Main 1 signals at Ibis to double head

05.24.2013 Upgrade

This is a Run8 Train Simulator program and scenery upgrade for the Mojave Sub that adds allot of cool assets and new features to the program that our customers suggested. This upgrade replaces all past upgrades that came out after the 11.17.2012 upgrade. Download Update (19.8 MB)

  • Host can now specify a different network port if desired. Port 15196 is the default. Clients can now also set the port before joining a server if needed. Port 15200 is not allowed as it is reserved for other uses.
  • Minor scenery enhancements at the Bakersfield Amtrak Station as well as the addition of some roads around Warren.
  • CarSpewers have been temporarily removed whilst the programmer reprograms the system mo-betterly.
  • For those with ED, DispatcherComs.dll has changed and you will n

v5.10 causing a crash?

The Run 8 Devs fixed a bug in the latest 5.10 update that caused Run 8 to crash when using an updated MFD stats screen on some trains. If you're having this issue, the upgrade file has been updated with a fix so re-download and reinstall to fix it.