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Depot+ Mohawk Update

First off, a huge thanks to everyone that came out to our Southern California session on Saturday. Even with the late afternoon start we had about 30 users online together for a heck of a session. Next on schedule will be our 1st Mohawk V2 session. We'll post that information once we have a date and time set for it.

Speaking of Mohawk, we know many of you are chomping at the bit to get back into Depot+ operations on the Mohawk server. We're happy to say we should have that server relaunched this week and we thank you for you patience.

We have an updated Mohawk Operations Guide now available for Depot+ members (check the home page). The Operations Center has been also been updated for all the new operation changes that have been made, including locals, intermodal, Amtrak, plant work and more. We just have 1 last thing to do... the server.

As you can see in the photo below, we got in some new hardware today for 3 new Depot servers. As soon as we get the first one up and running, Mohawk will go live.

Stay tuned!

v2 Update Released

Run 8 Studios today released the first update for Run 8 Train Simulator V2.

The update is available for download at: http://www.run8studios.com/updates_dlc.shtml

The 02.20 update brings several fixes to the sim but also introduces some new features, including:

  • DirectX 10 support. For users without a DirectX 11 compatible card, the sim with automatically switch to using older DirectX10 compatiblity settings.
  • Shadows (DirectX 11 only. These can be turned if desired as well)
  • AI trains now call signals. Can be adjust to turn off, call or everything or 2 levels inbetween.
  • Updated rail sounds
  • Can choose to use your client horn settings or the servers

The full changelog for 02.20.2017 is available in our forum.