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V2 Update #2 Released

A new update was released today for Run 8 V2.  It is available for download from the Run 8 Studios website.


Here's a look at the changelog for the update:

Update 02 (Version 06.02.2017)

  • Fixed a very minor math error regarding arc-length of curves on a grade due to such curves actually being helical

  • Text Messages now show in the F3 DS Screen

  • Code modded a bit so that if Windows Defender\Firewall\AntiVirus programs update themselves and start mistakenly blocking V2, they won't cause the existing license to fail:

    • You MAY STILL get a RED DOT in such circumstances, which is outside of our control, due to V2 being interfered with by an outside program

    • You will need to go to the settings for that program and tell it to stop blocking V2 (aka Exclusions, Unblock, Allow, etc). If successful, the next time you run the sim, your dot should return to “Green” within several seconds

    • V2 needs to have normal read\write access to the Hard Drive, System Registry, and occasionally the Internet (if multiplayer or if entering your transaction ID). This is all perfectly normal and acceptable behavior

    • Licensing Note: When entering the Transaction ID and pressing “Save”, give the system about 10 seconds before freaking-out about a Red Dot. If you correctly entered the Transaction ID, it will most likely turn from Red to Green within that time

  • Road System modified to allow various road types for routes that use them

  • Please Note: If you are Kicking cars or Humping a train whilst in a multiplayer session:

    • It is YOUR responsibility to remain in the session until all the cars have stopped; this is because any rolling cars that you hump\kick remain under the control of your computer

    • Kicking\Humping with a dodgy internet connection can cause problems for other folks on the network

  • Corrected situation that caused the “Red Dot of Despair”, where the Menu Settings and license code would be lost

  • Corrected an erroneous signal-aspect when a GCOR diverging precedes another Diverging-Approach-Medium or Diverging-Clear

  • Corrected non-dwarf NORAC signal system to allow for proper:
    ➔ Medium Approach (Red/FlashingYellow, Red/Yellow/Red)
    ➔ Medium Approach Medium (Red/Yellow/Green)
    ➔ Restricting (Red/Yellow, Red/Red/Yellow)

  • Corrected a condition that would cause a previously valid license to wipe-out (ie, the Red Dot of Despair)

  • Fixed a condition that would cause the triple-valve of MU'd locomotives to get “stuck”, and not be able to recover from an EMG Brake Application

  • Also increased the PCS Timeout from 60 seconds to 90 seconds, which is closer to prototype, ensuring all triple-valves have had time to recover from the EMG position. Sometimes a valve, under the right conditions, would take longer than 60 seconds, causing the user to not be able to recover even though the system said he could

  • Corrected a condition that would cause a null-reference crash when humping Selkirk Yard under the right circumstances

  • Corrected a condition that caused large objects to disappear at certain angles

  • Maximum number of AI Trains increased from 60 to 80

  • Specific cars can now be specified for specific industries, ie, instead of only being able to assign a “tank car” to an industry, you can specify exactly which tank-car. This is useful, for example, for preventing tankers that carry chemicals from being used at a corn-syrup facility.

    ➔ This is accomplished in the Industry Configuration window, using the “Filter” Button for the desired car-type

  • Added moBetta logic regarding the MU Headlite Switch when using AutoCB Button on a locomotive:

    • If loco is by itself, it will set to “Single-Middle”

    • If loco is leading a train, it will attempt to set itself Short or Long-Hood

      Forward depending on how it is coupled to the train

    • If all else fails, it will just set itself to Short-Hood Forward as usual

  • You can now adjust the in-cab volume of the locomotive using the Int. Volume Slider in the Options Menu. This adjusts how loud the outside sounds appear when hearing them inside a closed-cab

    • The “normal” setting is halfway on the Slider, this causes the sound to be exactly as it was in previous versions

    • Setting above halfway causes the outside sounds to seem louder than normal

    • Setting below half has the opposite effect

  • Fixed a couple naughty DS Block Lights on the BNSF Mojave Sub east of Summit Switch

  • Brad made some cool new Sessions (World Saves) for the Southern CA Region

  • Fixed a condition that would cause certain Tunnel Liner objects to disappear at certain viewing angles

  • The Sim can now handle proper Track Bumpers, wherever they are used

    • Don't be an idiot and crash into them at 20mph... bumpers are meant to prevent movement, not stop it! If you hit them at more than a few mph, the sim may not register the collision

    • The faster you hit a bumper, the more likely you will break the knuckle!

    • If there is no bumper, or a car “passes thru” one, V2's existing normal end-of-track logic will apply

    • Bumpers only affect a player's own train, or any cars he has humped\kicked on his computer

    • Bumpers DO NOT affect network trains nor AI-controlled trains. You may see another guy's train pass-thru a bumper due to internet delays

External Dispatcher V11

External Dispatcher V11 is now available for download. Click Here to Download.

Version 11 Changes

  • Fixed flipped signals at Sierra
  • Fixed path issues at Vincent
  • Added new blocks at Yermo
  • Added a slider to control how soon trains will be deleted after Run 8 stops sending data about them. The
    default for the slider is 60 seconds. In previous versions this was hard coded to 15 seconds. This is
    intented to alleviate the issue where trains sometimes disappear (most likely due to a network
    interruption to the Run 8 server).
  • Trains will now have a black box around them when no data has been received for 10 seconds. If no data
    is received before the configured timeout, they will be deleted.

Seligman Teasers

2 new shots from the upcoming Seligman route.

BNSF Trains make their way through Kingman Canyon


1st look at the Seligman West DS Board

The Seligman Sub will connect to Needles subdivision in the Southern California region and cover the western 150 miles to Seligman, AZ. No release timeframe has ben announced yet.

LA Expansion Teasers

Couple new Work-In-Progress photos shared by Run 8 Studios of the upcoming LA Route Expansion for the Southern California region.

"Rail line(s) between Los Angeles and San Bernardino for our Run8 simulator. The photos are: DT Jct (not far from Santa Fe Springs), Fullerton Jct (Fullerton Amtrak just around the corner), Hobart Yard and Redondo Jct (both downtownish LA)"