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The Depot News

The New Depot

Welcome to the new Depot.

Today we launched a revamed Depot site in order to bring together our two sites, Run 8 Depot and The Depot, into a single community here at The Depot.

At The Depot, you’ll now find:

  • Run 8 Route Maps
  • The External Dispatcher
  • Train Tagger
  • Train symbol database
  • User submitted Train and Session files
  • and more.

Our Run 8 and teamspeak servers remain the same as before.

For sessions we built-in a session a signup system based on another site of ours, Run8sessions.com. You’ll see that in use for future sessions here at The Depot.

Another goal of the redesign was to make the site more responsive to various device types. The site will adapt itself to best work on whatever device you are using, be it a desktop or a mobile phone.

The Depot forums also received an update with sticky navigation menus, a responsive design to accommodate any device type and a refreshed look.

We hope you enjoy using the new Depot. If you have any difficulties with the site, or have any comments, you can leave a message on the discussion forums, or send us an email at http://www.thedepotserver.com/contact.

Centerbeams Released

The first pack of Centerbeams is now available for purchase for $10 from Run 8 Studios.  

Pack #1 includes a BC Rail, Canadian National, IC, NOK, and two different TTZX cars. All cars come in a empty and loaded version.

The pack is available for purchase here:

Click to view a photo gallery of the cars.

If you do not plan on buying the Centerbeams, you will need to install the default package file which will add the Centerbeam XML files to your PC. Without it, you won't be able to connect to the servers. The default pack is available on the run8studios.com homepage.

Introducing The Depot

The Run 8 Depot is happy to announce the launch of a new Run 8 Train Simulator Community, The Depot.

The Depot was created from a collaboration between Shaun (nolatron), Rob (RAG), Dave (DSLE DAVE) and Mark B. The goal was to create a community operating in a positive atmosphere for users to enjoy and promote their hobby of multiplayer train simming.

The Depot provides semi-prototypical Public servers, Prototypical Ops in the Depot+ servers, a community forum and Facebook group for user discussions. Our website and Facebook Group are now open but we're still working on the final touches for our servers. Those, along with our forums, will open sometime next week.

Visit The Depot online at http://www.thedepotserver.com to register today

Selkirk Map Update

New Selkirk map update posted tonight. Changes include:

  • Added track lengths throughout the map
  • Added missing West Shore IT line at CP-RJ
  • Updated track in yard just west of CP-FG
  • Added missing yard track at GE Plastics
  • Fixed track at east end of N. Departure Yard
  • Added a few road crossing indicators on Pages 1 & 2

Selkirk Map Update

New Selkirk map went up last night with completed track work around the Hump yard area.