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CSX Mohawk Sub Released

Run 8 Studios has released the new CSX Mohawk Sub for Run 8 Train Simulator.  This route is extension to the current Selkirk Yard Route.

The route is $40 and is available for purchase at www.run8studios.com

Run 8 & Selkirk Updates Released

Run 8 Studios has released a 12.16.15 update for Run 8 today.

Changes include:

  • TMU no longer hangs if train is too long for the track; it will spawn as many units as it can and ignore the rest. A message will display in such situations
  • Placeholder locomotives will now load the GP40 trucks if the normal trucks are not found
  • Fixed accidental resizing of placeholder car-bodies when cars were uncoupled from train
  • Corrected a mistake with the DJJX Gondola xml file
  • Corrected a mistake with the GCFX locomotive xml file
  • TMU window programmed to ignore a couple faulty xml files
  • The BNSF Mojave Sub now has more track, signals, and scenery west of both the yards (thanks to Robert Fitzgereld). The DS Screen has changed a bit as well to accomodate the new mainline track.
  • Added part of the Buttonwillow Branch in Bakersfield (the branch that comes off the “Y” next to UP Bakersfield Yard. For the sake of interest, a few of the major operations have been condensed into a few miles of branchline
  • Amtrak P42s in real-life are slow-loading; an Amtrak Engineer wrote us with some data, and we've adjusted the loading-rate of the P42s accordingly. From a stand-still (swiping the throttle from idle to notch-8), it will now take about 40 to 50 seconds for an accelerating train to reach notch-8 power.
  • Amtrak cars have had their brake-force increased about 15% in accordance with the above Amtrak source
  • Reduced memory-usage of Distant Terrain a bit
  • Overhauled the Car-Spewer logic to be better behaved at railroad crossings and to act more realistically. You still get the occasional idiot driver though.
  • Tweaked the Procedural Vegetation system to reduce the memory used. Even on full-vegetation, the memory used has been reduced. You may still need to set your Vegetation-Thinning level to 1 or more depending on your circumstances. Procedural Vegetation will cull itself further at higher memory-usage and not load if the memory-usage goes too high
  • Fixed issue where a single locomotive's brakepipe would vent too quickly on successive train-brake applications, causing the triplevalve to trip into emergency. Brakepipe vent orifice was too large for the given volume
  • Fixed the eastbound signal on Main1 at East Barstow; it had an errant signal-link associated with it that caused a double-green aspect
  • The Shift-Z readout will now show an approximate memory-usage value in megabytes. Run8, because of XNA and dotNet, can only use 2000mb (2 gigs) of memory which in reality ends up being around 1700 – 1800mb. Beyond that you may start seeing glitchy scenery or crash. Pressing F10 to reset the terrain and scenery may help, but the best thing to do is to use the Low-Res texture options in the main menu


A Route for Selkirk Yard has also been released today that corrects some signal issues and adds more scenery.

Both of the free updates are now available for download at www.run8studios.com.

A-Line Waycross Expansion

Today Hyrail Simulations shared on their facebook a map showing what their upcoming Waycross Expansion will add to the A-Line route.



We also got another look at the Rice Yard 64 track bowl.


A release date has not been announced at this time.



Some additional images recently posted:


Autoracks Pack 2 Released

Run 8 Studios has released their 2nd pack of Autorack. The pack sells for $10 and includes six ETTX tri-levels and two TTGX bi-levels.
Liveries included are:
  • Chicago North Western (CNW)
  • Santa Fe (ATSF)
  • Rio Grande (DRGW)
  • Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
  • Norfolk and Western (NW)
  • Grand Trunk (GT)
  • Western Pacific (WP)
  • Frisco

Click Here To Purchase!

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If you don't plan to purchase, you'll need to download the default equipment pack in order to join servers.

The Depot servers are already setup with Pack 2 in the session list so you can spawn them in now.