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The Depot News

Map Updates

Two small map updates made tonight.


  • Added PODS, Holbrook Lumber and McLane Foods Service to Guilderland Park (Pg 2)
  • Updated Selkirk yard with two track corrections and color coding of yard control (Pg 3)
  • Added "To Mohawk Map" indication (Pg 1)
  • Added ND/NS Dispatcher change indication at CP175. The Depot will use these two Dispatchers on the route.



  • CP270 was mis-labeled as CP293
  • 200.9 speedboard was mis-labeled as 205.9
  • Added (CEL) Cellet Plastics at Little Falls
  • Added track numbers to Utica & NYSW Yards

Buttonwillow Branch Opens for Business

The much anticiapted Buttonwillow Branch off the Wye at UP Bakersfield opened today with much fanfare!  Several customer orders were delivered today, and more ordered.  Jason G was the crew on the first official run on the branch line.  Please look for the F-SJVBAK job on the UP Locals page on the Depot+!  Happy Hoggin!

Mojave Map Update

Have a new update out for the Mojave Route Map

Changes include:

  • Added Buttonwillow Branch expansion
  • Added North Bakersfield expansion
  • Removed City Tracks A and F for now
  • City Tracks B & C is now (IRS) Interstate Restaurant Supply
  • City Track D is now (KTS) Kern Tractor Supply
  • City Track E is now (GEO) GEO Drilling Fluid

We still have a couple more things to tweak as we build up our industry operations so we'll have another update in the near future when that is completed and we have track lengths entered in.

Download Mojave Route Map