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The Depot News

A-Line Map Update

An updated A-Line map was posted today with the following changes:

  • Added Conrad Yelvington Sanford with track length (pg 8)
  • Added track length to EVE and MAS industries (pg 8)
  • Added several missing track lengths to industries near S. Taft (pg 10)
  • Added several missing track lengths to industries near S. Orlando (pg 9)


UPDATE 11/24/15:

New version uploaded today that corrects the N. West Tocoi Milepost number.  Two digits were reversed.

FMC Boxcars Released

Run 8 Studios has released a new add-on of FMC Boxcars. The pack sells for $10 and includes 8 different liveries:

  • Southern Pacific
  • RailBox
  • Columbus & Greenville
  • New Orleans Public Belt Railroad
  • East Camden & Highland
  • Marinette Tomahawk & Western Railroad Company
  • Cotton Belt (SSW)
  • Route Rock (CNW)

Click Here To Purchase!

If you don't plan to purchase, you'll need to download the default equipment pack in order to join servers.

A-Line Map Update

The A-Line route map received a small update today with the following:

  • Added missing tag for Titan Industry, TIT (pg 6)
  • Added Florida Central RR Interchange label (pg 9)
  • Added WEY - Weyerhauser industry label (pg 9)
  • Added missing tag for ABC Supplies, ABS (pg 10)
  • Updated Trussway tag to correct code, TRU (pg 12)