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Depot+ 2018 Q1 Stats


This is a look at some stats from the first quarter of 2018 for our Depot+ Servers. This is a direct reflection on what you guys are doing in the servers every day. The numbers are amazing! Keep up the good work, guys!

LA Route Maps Available

The first versions of the LA Routes maps are now available.  I have split the route into 2 maps, the BNSF San Bernardino Sub and the UP Alhambra Sub.



San Bernardino
BNSF San Bernardino Sub


UP Alhambra Sub

LA Route Released

Run 8 Studios today released the highly anticiapted LA Route for Run 8 Train Simulator V2.


Route Features

Most of the LA basin including;

  • Over 320 Industries
  • BNSF San Bernardino Sub
  • BNSF Hobart Yard
  • BNSF\ Amtrak LA Yard
  • BNSF Local Yards - Porphyry (Corona), La Mirada, LAJ A, B, and C Yards
  • LA Union Station
  • Mission Tower
  • Over 30 BNSF and UP Local Operations
  • Several Amtrak Operations - Southwest Chief, Sunset Limited, Coast Starlight
  • UP Alhambra Sub
  • UP East LA Yard\TOFC
  • UP City of Industry Yard\TOFC
  • UP Local Yards - Weeds, 4th Street, J Yard, Los Nietos
  • Fullerton Station
  • Redondo Flyover


The route is $40 and is available for purchase at Run8Studios.com.

Check out our Photo Gallery for some screenshots from around the route.

List Source: run8studios.com

Run 8 V2 Update

Run 8 Studios released a update for Run 8 V2 today. This is update is only a small maintenance that fixes a few bugs.

The update is available for download at: http://www.run8studios.com/updates_dlc.shtml

**Back up your industry configuration (config.ind) file as the update will overwrite the existing file.  It is located in the region folder.**

Here's the full changelog:

Update 04 (Version 03.05.2018)
● Adjusted the threshold PSI/Second reduction-rate necessary to trigger the Emergency-Application Valve; this solves a minor issue reported about inconsistent emergency-application dump behaviour. (Since the customer who reported this is from Australia, I've added the extraneous “u” to the word “behaviour” in his honor)
● Corrected a crash-condition null reference that sometimes occurred during uncoupling
● Fixed two code mistakes with NORAC signals regarding non-dwarf MediumClear and LimitedClear aspects (for the Selkirk and Mohawk routes)
● Fixed a code mistake regarding the rear trucks of the SD40 Tunnel Motors
● Fixed another possible cause of the random loss of Simulation Settings when the program exits
● Fixed issue with humped-cars slamming too hard into bowl-tracks that are close to full